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Fantastic & Practical

I love that Im able to get money back from my grocery purchases. Highly recommended. Very useful.

Great rebates

So far I enjoy using the app! I cant say I buy a lot of whats offered for rebates, but the generic stuff I buy anyway is great!

Ibotta is AWESOME!!

This app does just what it says it will do. I shopped for items I was planning to buy. When I get home I open the app and take a picture of my receipt. Ibotta has given me $45 in gift cards to Starbucks and Walmart over the course of 1 month. Im getting paid to shop.

Great app!

Easy to use & an easy way to get rewarded for what you buy!

Use Savingstar app instead.

I referred 2 friends to use the app and they didnt receive the referral credit promised. Emailed them about the problem and all they said was that they did not sign up through the referral link. This is a lie because personally opened the account for them since they were having trouble. I like Savingstar better, more user friendly and easier to redeem coupons.

Best rebate app

this is the first rebate I do and this app makes it so smooth and easy. it would be nice to have more options for rebates, but I know thats upon the retailer

Pretty awesome

This is great!


This app is awful. It doesnt have any of the stores I shop at most. The cards I have linked on the app dont work.

Really works!!

have done this for a month and already redeemed $20 to paypal and into my bank acct! Just be sure to read carefully to see which stores an item rebate includes! I even used paper coupons, clearance items and it still worked for those rebates! Love the bonuses!!

Easiest app there is!

This is an easy app to use. Very easy to upload receipts and cash in!!

Working Mom Way to Save

This app really is a quick way to save money with minimum effort. You do not have remember to take coupons with you and you can still save.

Love this app

I absolutely love this app. Have save quite a bit of money.


Love it!! Buying things I need and making money

Easy rebate app

Very easy to use and good rebates!!

Free money

Easy to use app & unlock stuff you buy anyway. Easy to transfer each $20 to PayPal, a no-brainer

This is to much.

This is nice

What A Way to Save

This app is awesome, getting cash back for items you purchase is great. I wish the restaurant CB didnt have to include liquor though. Overall great app.

Quick way to make money on things you already buy!

I was pleased to see that the rebates arent for the most expensive and outrageous items, they are for things I use every day and brands I already know and love! With using teammates and referrals there is a potential to make a pretty good amount of money just by doing what you already do. My only complaint is with the phone verification. It took forever to get verified because it kept saying "call answered" or another error message. I highly recommend this app though.

Not bad BUT

I use it a lot and it works great except for Homeland, which has a linked loyalty card. Instead of scanning the receipt, using the loyalty card at checkout it supposed to file my rebate info with iBotta. It has never worked. Ive emailed and gone through three or four different customer service people that never resolved the problem. They suggested getting a new loyalty card, which I did, and it still doesnt work. Since I do a lot of my shopping at Homeland its useless there unless I submit the receipt as though its from another store and then wait for customer service to contact me to switch stores. No problems with Walmart and rebates on non-brand everyday items like milk and eggs are great. The jump to $20 to cash out didnt make me happy since I too use it as a little extra cash, only now it takes longer to get it back. Dont care for the new format much either.

Great app

Its a great app but it loads so slow now. I wish there was an option to see everything from one store!

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