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Ibotta is great!

The Best Rebate App.

If you are looking into using a rebate app, this is by far the best app to use. Its simple to use and has many offers for everyday products. I use this app very frequently and save over $50 a month. All you need to do is add products to your list, make your purchase, and submit your receipt. It walks you through the rebate process of scanning the product then taking a picture of your receipt. What makes this even better is if you use the app frequently, they have monthly bonuses that add to your savings. The only improvement that I would like is a better focus for the camera. After one of the updates my pictures have been coming out a little blurry and it takes the right angle and light to get a clear picture. Nevertheless, 5-star app, hands down the best rebate app.

Love this app! I have earned $140 in 3 months! Use my code so we can earn more money together

Love it!!! Great way to save

USE REFERRAL CODE YOU WILL GET 10$ App isnt that bad


Love this app!

This app is awesome and very easy to use.

Beware its a scam

Worst app ever. Its a total scam and as I see know a lot of people are reviewing about the same. You keep collecting money and the suddenly deactivate your account for no reason. You send an email asking why and they say that you summit double receipts and thats a violation of the terms and literally quote "and thats all we will talk about this matter. Have a nice day". I recommend the app to 2 persons and the within a week they deactivate the account to the 3 of us and each of us had like 30 dollars or more. So beware of the scam. Once you reach 20 try to transfer.


With 4 kids Im always looking for a way to save. With a bit of work Ive earned almost $20 on the ibotta app with just 2 trips to the store buying the things I usually do! Will be using this EVERY time I shop.

Ibotta review

Great app for saving! Easy to use!

Its Alright -> Blehhhhh

Another Update: Unless youre buying only groceries, I would recommend the Receipt Hog or Ebates app. Ive switched. They both make it more worth your time with a higher percentage of cash back. The rebates are mostly grocery and unpopular brands now on ibotta. Im taking off another star. I havent earned more than a dollar since the last update. C- Update: The rebates grow fewer in number each year. Its more difficult to earn rebates now. Ive made $90~ back but thats because I redeemed the Spend & Earn rebates for beauty purchases like Sephora, White House, Black Market, and The Body Shop; all those rebates have now disappeared. No online rebates have returned either since February... I dont know whats going on with ibotta but the moment I reach my next cash out amount I might just give up. Pros: Ive cashed out before and had no problems. The rebates are easy to redeem. Cons: All the online rebates seem to have disappeared recently. There isnt as much variety. They start to withhold rebates if you redeem the same one a few times. There could be improvements made but its doing okay so far. B+

Revised review: Options

Good app for cash back on the limited items they offer cash back on however I dont like the fact that your options are limited for how to verify purchases. The QR codes youre required to use at checkout, having to have a discount card for the store registered on the app. I would prefer to just submit my receipts. People make unexpected purchases or stops at stores...but, because it was unplanned and you didnt unlock the rebate beforehand, you cant get the rebate. Thats not how life works. I initially liked this app but my rating continues to drop because now it doesnt even accurately track my rebates. It says I have earned a rebate but the cash isnt added. Now, I open the app after not having used it in a few days and the amount of cash available to withdraw has decreased??? Im over it. Off to find a new app.

Cool so far

Ive been using the app for about a month and its pretty good so far. I havent had any issues redeeming offers and I earned quite a bit in just a few shopping trips. I would have given it 5 stars if it had offers for more stores and more items we purchase frequently (like Luvs diapers for example).


Great app with great grocery rebates. It would be nice if some of the items were available across more stores but other than that Im saving a significant amount of money and having fun while doing it!

Love using this

I made 48.50 my first week. Love it

Great app!

I love using this app and have already made a good amount of money back! I just wish there was a little more variety on popular everyday brands as well as more baby/kids items!

Like it.

This app gives rebates on things I buy each week. Things like milk, bread, eggs. If you are gonna shop anyway might as well get paid.


Super fun to save a few dollars on the grocery bill! Very easy to use app.

The absolute best!

This is the best app Ive ever used. Simple and easy. Its not like coupons where there may be one or two items I truly need. This app has the essentials, where to get them, and easy ways to earn cash back. Im sold!

Great App with timely support

The ibotta team quickly managed setting up my Giant Eagle card as my card number was not recognized. Once completed, the earnings are racking up quickly! So far, this has been the most worthwhile couponing app.

Love this app!

A month ago I would have given five stars no questions asked. I really love this app, but I hate the feature of scanning a code at checkout. I wish they would allow the option of scanning the receipt as well because half the time I forget to scan before I leave. Im trying to pack my groceries, keep an eye on my children, and pay.

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