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Free money!

I plan to save up my rewards to help pay for Xmas presents

Changed shopping for me

I hated shopping and now it is like a game. I cant use all offers but who can. Only 3 receipts and Ive already cashed out my first 25 - the welcome bonus helped there but still. Every little bit helps. Use in conjunction with Walmart app and I can make list there and plan accordingly to get as many rebates as possible. Thanks ibotta

Great App

I love it! You get what you put into it but it definitely translates into free money if you use it correctly.

Luv it

Love this app

My favorite app

Not loving the "improvements"!! Very few items I use or want to use so it takes forever to get to the new $20 amount to cash out. I used to collect $10 or more a month. Now Im looking at 3 months to get to $8. I loved the fresh veggies and the any brand item. They are few and far between. I would be all set of I was an alcoholic. The liquor is nice but would rather have good healthy foods.

Love Ibotta!

Ibotta is super easy to use. Just "clip" which coupon youd like to use and scan receipt upon checkout to earn money in PayPal or venmo or for a gift card! Love the "any brand"rebates the best. Cash back for things like milk, bread, bananas, etc. I have a special code - if you use it when you register youll earn $10 when you use verify your first coupon purchase! Code - fjaxngy

I love it!

This app is so amazing. Literally helps me earn extra money just by shopping. Ive cashed out before with my Paypal account and didnt have any issue. Thanks Ibotta!

Great way to save while trying new products

Makes shopping more fun


Great App!! Getting money back is awesome! Love it!! Hoping for more stores to participate!

5 Star

Love this app!

Great App!

Ibotta helps to save some cash!


Love this app! You will not earns hundred dollars in a week, but over time you can rack up a nice chunk of change in things you buy daily. That being said, make sure you check in weekly for new deals. Also, their customer support service is incredible! One of my rebates was rejected and I sent them an email asking them to look at it again and within 24 hours the problem was fixed!!!

Pretty Good App

Ive only been using Ibotta for a few weeks. Ive cashed out $36 as a result. Pretty good for not having to do a lot of work, and basically getting paid for what I would have purchased anyway. Where it needs improvement: - Id love to see more rebates for produce and healthier options. - Something needs to be done about the way items are sorted/listed for stores. Its very time consuming to go to each store and see whats offered, scanning through the same items over & over. Bottom line, Im glad I found Ibotta. :)


Simple to use and highly rewarding-if YOUR equipment is up to date AND you follow the directions. Would like to see more fresh food rebates.

Broke College Student Probzz

I love being able to get money back on food. I wish they had more of a variety though. Especially for freshmen who cant buy alcohol lol.

Best rebate app around

Ive been using Ibotta for a month and have earned over $30 for routine stuff on my shopping list. Its simple to use and understand. Wish I would have learned about it sooner.


This app offers many rebates and is very easy to cash out. However, its a pain to scroll through offers for every store separately. You also really have to read the fine print on the offers for which versions of the products are allowed and which are not. Its worth it to use iBotta, but its also frustrating.

Very nice app!

Enjoy the app, easy to use, easy to understand! Just wish they would have a few more staple items on the app more regularly, but Im assuming thats the way to get you hooked on the app and keep you coming back. All in all, really like it! Happy that I can get a gift card instead of having to link to an account!

I love it I

I ❤️ it I just wish there were more variety

Dont bother

Between this App & that Walmart saving catcher crap dont bother. Good lord Tech difficulties left & right. Takes too long to put in receipt info of everything you just bought . And just try to redeem because not going to be able to

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