Ibotta: Cash Back Rewards App App Reviews

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Great way to save!

This app is easy to use, pays you and has great customer support! To use-flip through the items at the store you choose, when in the store, buy the items you have unlocked, scan barcodes at checkout (or home) and then capture your receipt! The money is added to your account-bonuses are fun to achieve! My friends and I have competition to see who can save the most .

Great new features, same savings

I really like the new horizontal scroll, it makes it so much easier to find rebates by category. Theres always something in the Ibotta app that I want to get a rebate on. Keep up the good work!


Love this app. Money back on stuff I normally buy!

Good at first

You earn very easy at first but then they stop offering the things that you buy. You can earn more if your friends join but after sharing a few times friends get sick of seeing it. Unless you make new friends often then you wont keep making a lot of money. I had like $20 within the first 2 weeks after that Im lucky to earn .50 cents a week. And they keep putting the same stuff on there that you have never used. Im not going to buy something just to get a .25 or .50 cent rebate if I wouldnt buy it anyway. They do give offers every once in awhile of like milk or coffee any brand. I usually buy store brand and get the rebate with no problem but I bought a store brand coffee once and they said it wasnt eligible. They refused to give .25 cents when store brand was fine on all the other rebates. All in all it is good to get an initial payout but after that its not worth the hassle.

New way to search

Hate the new search format!


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Use my referral code czu5hq to get a $ignup bonus when you redeem your first rebate within 10 days. AND I will be on your team, able to help you reach those awesome teamwork cash bonuses!! Great app!

Very Cool

I love this app! Youve got to grocery shop anyway and using this app saves you money as you go. They update more & more products and the savings just add up! Keep it up Ibotta

At home on my home screen

Im loving all the great rebates in the app lately. So many ways to get cash back!

Best Shopping App

I love earning cash for buying everyday items! It really starts to add up!

Best app ever

I love this app! Its changed the way I buy groceries. Love it.❤️

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Great app!

Easy way to make some money!!

Make the shopping list better!

The rebates are great and I love checking for them while planning my shopping list. My only complaint is with the shopping list. Specifically, I wish you could move items from the "other" folder to its proper category. Just because it doesnt recognize what Ive typed, I shouldnt have to check 2 categories every section of the grocery store- the actual category and the other category. Pain in the neck!

Great fun and easy

I just made my first 20$ it was simple and I did it buying items I normally buy. Use this code to get an extra $10 when signing up. taryklt I recommend it to all my friends

Used to be good

There used to be tons of rebates and it included shopping online, however in the past de months, the app has gone down hill. Theres barley any variety with rebates and they no longer offer rebates for any online retailers.... Would rate it 5 stars if there was more stores again like Nordstrom/Sephora.


Fun and saves money.

Great app

Really enjoy the app,

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