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Shopping Fun

New to ibotta and have already been having fun shopping for savings. The cost of shopping has made it a chore I hat over the years so this is great!

Fantastic app!

Love that this app saves me money! Definitely recommend downloading this app!


I was wary at first but I have absolutely enjoyed it!!!! I was so glad to share it with others :) I also loved treating myself to a $30 Starbucks gift card. ☕️☕️☕️


I love this app free money


I get money back for the things I already buy! It might take a while to build up a balance to cash-in, but who cares! Im getting money back for stuff I already buy! Thats way better than nothing! Plus you can use the e-gift cards easily! Love it!

Sweet App!!

I love this app!! Everything works exactly as described and you get money reAlly fast with this one!!


Nice to get a few bucks back here and there

I love this app. We use it every time we go to the store to buy anything. A friend has told me about it. So glad I decided to download it.

How to get cash back code ibyiqir

To get your $10 welcome bonus you need a referral code, ibyiqir is mine so feel free to use it! The app is great, very user friendly. I love that you can buy things that arent brand specific and still get cash back (bread, eggs, juice..)! Its also really nice you can cash out in gift cards for the places you already shop. The barcode scanner works very well, i was impressed how fast it scanned and found items. I have used similar apps in the past for cash back but this one is by far the best! The items are ones that most people buy already and not super obscure items like in other apps :) overall i would recommend To get your $10 welcome bonus you need a referral code, ibyiqir is mine so feel free to use it!

Needs more products!

Works just fine for me, but needs more goods! Cash out from $20 on PayPal. You can get $5 with promo code "pwgeavg" after first buying!

Get $10 with ref code: awavdxu

Feel free to use this referral code: awavdxu to get your $10 Welcome Bonus!

Love Ibotta!

I love Ibotta! I really wish I would have been able to utilize this great savings program when I had a house full of children:). But even as an empty nester, I find myself saving on groceries and other items. Simple to use and great reward redemption opportunities.....THANKS Ibotta!

SAVE $$$ on everyday shopping!

Ibotta is a great and easy way to save on most of your routine shopping expenses! Just search for what you want and see the deals at local stores. Its not just for groceries. It works for clothing, pharmacy, beer, wine, restaurants, arts and crafts, and more! Shop with Ibotta -- I started this week and have $13.50 in my account, already!


Great way to make cash back on everyday items.

Extra savings

Awesome, extra savings right to PayPal. Stuff I normally buy. Like the liquor savings.

Best thing yet

Never cared for using coupons but this app is so easy to use and the check is a nice reward!


Cool app Check out Ibotta & get cash back! Install using my referral code xgwujmj you can earn an extra $10: best app..

Great money saver!

I never remember coupons, so this is perfect and has saved me so much money already!


I love it! Its so easy to use and you get your rewards within 24hrs!


I love to save $$$ on stuff I buy! Thanks.

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