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This app is fun and easy to use, actually its addicting once you start scanning your barcodes lol I never give apps reviews but I decided this one was worth it!!! Use my promo code "ukxeceu"and get an extra $10 for signing up with me on top of the $10 you get for completing your first challenge


I love this app, I do however wish it would work with Aldis. I do not have a lot of the stores listed on the app around my area, but Aldis is one we do have and many other places also have an Aldis. I love that the cash back adds up fast, but I do wish they would also add rebates on things I buy more often, many of the things I cannot buy or do not use, I wish there was a questionnaire that would ask what types of items you buy, and your age and location (as there are many alcohol rebates and I cannot drink, same with baby products I have no kids, but I do use baby wipes for my pets.) also my boyfriend and his brother and I all have different types of rebates available on our ibotta app, in a way I guess its okay but I would like to have more of the rebates they have. I wish it would take the info off your receipts and will see what other products you bought so you can get rebates similar to the things you normally buy.

Love it!

Great way to save money

Great update!

I love the latest update! The items are sorted so much better and everything is much easier to navigate, with the ability to see more items at one time without having to scroll as much!


I love this app! I check it each time before going shopping and see what they have to offer that matches my grocery list and get $$ back each time! Great way to help save!


I qualified for the $10 welcome bonus and Ibotta refused to give it to me. Waste of time and money purchasing unneeded products!


Use my referral code czu5hq to get a $ignup bonus when you redeem your first rebate within 10 days. AND I will be on your team, able to help you reach those awesome teamwork cash bonuses!! Great app!

Best app

I love this app its free, easy and get gift cards or pay pal for buying the groceries you buy

Good app

Please add on bare minerals, sephora etc! Also more produce! Add on ALDIs supermarket!


I do like using this app; you must remember, of course, that it is only specific to certain stores, so you have to plan your savings around visiting the stores listed. However, if you do visit the stores listed, and you have a few minutes beforehand to check through all of the ibotta rebates available, it is nice to be able to earn cash which you may transfer to your paypal account after reaching the $20 cashout threshold. I have always found their customer service team excellent and quick to respond to my emails when I need help resolving a technical problem with processing one of my receipts.


For me being a busy woman , doing two jobs , this helps me pick out &I plan what rebates I can do with my list also coupon as well , best way to save and get money back ! Thank you Ibotta ❤️

Great savings!!!

I really like this app. In my first week I already have made $11.50. They offer great deals and incentives. I like that you can save at many popular stores and theres a good amount of products you can save on. The only thing I wish they had more healthy and organic options bc thats what we mostly buy. A lot of the products seem to be the processed stuff. I also wish Trader Joes and Costco were apart of it but Im sure those companies dont participate in apps. Overall a great app and happy I have it

Money saved is money earned

I just got my first PayPal payment. Money in the bank! This app will be so much better when it includes grocery pickup.

Ibotta review.

Love this app

Money money money

Im making money on things I use to go and buy and not make anything !!!! Love it !!!

Great way to get some extra coins. Thumbs up



I love this app! I have almost $50 saved up already :-) very easy once you figure it out!

I love love love this App!!!

I heard about Ibotta in a Penny Hoarder article along with several other Apps to save money while shopping. I tried to use them all and have only stuck with Ibotta. It is so easy to use and the money adds up fast. I have recommended the App to several friends and my daughters and we are all thrilled to be saving so much on the items that we would be buying anyway. Way to go, Ibotta!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Enjoy this app very much

Love it. I have earned some cash from buying groceries, like having coupon book in my hand all the time.

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